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How satisfied were you with SBB today? Give your opinion.
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12. Dec 2017 at 07:37
Je ne comprends pas ce qui se passe avec la ligne Genève-Morge-Yverdon-Bienne et l’inverse. Ce n’est pas seulement rien n’a été changé pour cette ligne après tous les changements du 10 décembre mais aussi hier, le 11 décembre le train du 18h15 est arrivé avec une composition réduite seulement une rame. En plus aujourd’hui, le 12 décembre le train du 07h15 Bienne-Genève est aussi arrivé avec seulement une rame. Ce n est pas possible qu’il ne soit que une rame pendant ces horaires de pointe. La moitié des passagers sont debout.
30. Nov 2017 at 09:08
Dear SBB,

I have been very happy with your service until yesterday. There was a problem in Basel which caused delays in other parts, including the train from Baden to Zürich at 18:08.
This is not why I am writing this comment. The reason is that the next train was extremely busy and there was even problem to find place to stand in 2nd class, so I was standing beside the exit door in the first class car. There is ABSOLUTELY no difference between the exit doors at the first class and second class.
Your employee asked us to move away, because the car is reserved for first class, including the exit doors apparently, and go find place elsewhere. I find it absolutely disgusting that in such circumstances you will treat people in such a way.
I would like to ask you, what happens if someone pulls the emergency break, for whatever reason, when the train is moving at 140 km/h? Packing us into the second class was really bad idea, because there was really no way to hold onto anything. In case of an accident, such actions may cause serious injuries that could have been easily avoided. Think about it.
07. Nov 2017 at 08:25
Again, are you kidding? That’s just 7th of November. And I already was late for more than 20 minuets 4 times only in this months. 😡
14. Oct 2017 at 08:08
Dear SBB,

We boarded the EC 31151 this morning in order to be connected in Visp for another train to Sion. This is by far the most disappointing experience I've ever had with SBB. The train was so packed, it reminded me of those metros in Tokyo during rush hours. You know, the ones that need a glove-wearing professional to push people in? I was aware that there would be quite a lot of passengers on the 2nd class when I booked my ticket the night before, but I didn't predict that I'd have to sit on the step at one of the train exit typing this feedback with 10 others standing around me due to lack of seats. The train being delayed for 11 minutes is acceptable in my standard (however why did the sign board showed that the departure time was 7:34 while in the app it insisted that it would leave at 7:45? There was also no change nor notice in the app about the delayment of EC 31151). I've been a huge fan of SBB since forever, and I am disappointed to see how overloaded these trains have become since I returned to the country a couple of months ago. Given how expensive the train tickets are, I hope that I can get a seat at least 8 out of my 10 journeys with SBB.

Best regards,
10. Nov 2016 at 10:24
Travelled from Affoltern am Albis to Stadelhofen on Tuesday. The app told me I arrived at platform 3/4 on the S14 and needed to change to platform 4 for the Wintherthur train, but this was on platform 43.
13. Nov 2016 at 16:00
The railway itself is very satisfactory. Timetable is convenient and trains leave and arrive on time.
Extremely terrible security side. Train might be over flooded with a lot of people of young age, who do not have any restriction on their behavior. They might touch, subbuse and abuse females (which happened right in front of myself), and not a single person or a worker of the railway system will do anything about it. Again, extremely poor security protocol, and nothing is done about it.
16. Nov 2016 at 08:01
What rubbish service. The train is 10 minutes late into its destination - no information given by any of the train staff as to why or even to inform us that we would be late, not even any apology! When you pay 330 CHF/month for a ticket you expect a better service. Also you lie on your website - your trains never seem to be able to complete their journey in the time you advertise. I don't know why Switzerland bangs on so much about how great its public transport is - it's the same as everywhere else.
27. Jan 2017 at 21:52
I absolutely cannot fault the fantastic service provided by SBB; the trains and platforms were of very good standard and, the punctuality of departure and arrival times were excellent. What made my wife's and I's experience of travelling by SBB so special was the helpfulness, pleasantness, knowledgeable and professionalism of staff that we came in contact with, particularly one young member of staff at Zuerich HB who genuinely put herself out to assist both my wife and I resulting in us having a most enjoyable, stress free and journey experience with SBB - in fact she really made our day with her friendly and knowledgeable approach and she is definitely is a credit to the SBB team.
25. Feb 2017 at 12:52
The technical set up of SBB is lousy. I tried to buy ticket on SBB, however, cannot pay with Reka card. Then I try with the website on desk top. Then it is always showing "unknown error occur". Then I can never pay with my Reka card. If I buy at the SBB station counter, I can't have super save option. So is it Reka card not welcome by SBB or what? And if that Reka card is not designed for having benefits, why would the hell this country design such card ?
03. May 2017 at 13:07
payment does not work
i tried postfinance and mastercard
it is imporssible to speak to anyone
there is no announcement on your website

i need to buy a ticket from italy and i am blocked

i do not think any further comments are necessary, this is not OK