On the move with the SBB Service Scouts 2016.

SBB Satisfaction
SBB Service Scout 2016

Over the course of a year (from March to March), the SBB service scouts for 2016 had the job of reporting on topics relating to customer satisfaction, integrating these activities into their everyday lives, examining them and documenting them online. Additionally, their mission was to research and prepare articles on certain topics that were of general interest, such as anti-littering or working on the move. The results can be seen by the public on their own blogs and social media platforms, as well as here at the microsite or directly via social media with the hashtag #sbbservicescout. SBB Service Scouts 2016 received the additional benefits of a 1-year GA travelcard plus CHF 345 to cover their expenses where proof of purchase was provided.

Article from March 2016 on the launch of the SBB Service Scout pilot project Read here