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In the “performance” category we would like to find out whether you had enough space during your journey with SBB.

Were you happy with the number of available seats on our trains today? Rate us now and tell us what you think.
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06. Sep 2016 at 19:03
Ich fahre moistens am Wochentagen nicht während des Stosszeit
27. Jan 2017 at 21:29
My particular seats were reserved, however, I can add that on this long distance travel there were sufficient seats throughout the entire journey - all passengers had a seat whilst at the same time there were very few vacant seats at any given part of the journey. Obviously some good planning went in to running of this service.
27. Feb 2018 at 15:19
On 27th Feb 2018, the S5 service between Altstetten and Urdorf was terminated. The train came to a halt in Birmensdorf and all passengers were asked to leave the train. There was no clear information about replacement bus or alternative connections. The train commuters were simply abandoned. No SBB staffs were available on the platform to help as well. It was -15 degrees outside, more than 150 commuters stranded in Birmensdorf station. I had to wait over 20 minutes for a bus to Dietikon and from there take another train to Altstetten. I lost an hour today. I am simply disappointed with such a bad service, the least SBB could do is improve the way they communicate with their customers, despite offering an APP and a TV inside every compartment, I feel information isn’t sufficient. Why don't SBB just show the information about delay’s in all languages on the TV instead of relying on the train driver to announce about the delay? The quality of speakers and voice of the train driver are not reliable at all. Today I was unable to understand what the driver was trying to convey. Shame to see that the Swiss railway is struggling with just few million passengers
During delays, if SBB is unable to offer alternate connections or helpful staffs or a replacement buses, at least inform customers about it and ask customers to find connection by themselves this way customers will be less dependent on SBB’s poor information.
What’s the point in investing millions of CHF in IT (apps, websites, marketing) when the end customer simply cannot understand where to search for the right information? The SBB app should have at least a push notification about train delays.
Dear SBB please don’t forget, we pay a lot of money for your poor service.