For decades, SBB has been working to make the connections between the German-speaking and the Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland shorter and more comfortable. The Gotthard panoramic route testifies to the pioneering spirit of earlier generations. Later, tilting trains were introduced to handle the many curves of the mountain route even more quickly.

The new Gotthard Base Tunnel is an expression of Swiss precision, innovation and reliability. Its commissioning on 11 December 2016 constituted a new milestone for the Gotthard north-south axis. Before the commissioning of the Ceneri Base Tunnel and the four-metre corridor in late 2020, about 25 construction projects will be implemented along the feeder routes to the two base tunnels between Basel and Chiasso. SBB will implement numerous measures in the areas of rolling stock, construction and operation in order to reduce the impact on its passengers as much as possible until completion of the construction work.

After the opening of the two base tunnels, Gotthard and Ceneri, SBB passengers will be able to reach Lugano/southern Ticino even faster. The new ‘Giruno’ train will help to shorten the trip from Zurich to Lugano by 45 minutes compared to 2016 from the end of 2020. The ‘Giruno’ is also being permitted into four countries, enabling international direct connections.

Railway connections within the canton of Ticino will also become considerably faster. The journey between Lugano and Locarno, for instance, will take only 31 minutes instead of 55 from 2020.