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22. Jun 2018 at 11:31

The train toilets and the Lausanne station toilets are almost always dirty.  At the Lausanne station WC last week all the cabins had a red light and I watched the station attendant use dirty floor water to "wash" my toilet seat before I went in.  When I went in, the seat was very wet and there was debris from the disgusting floor water on the seat.  I paid 2 francs.  I am seriously irritated at the price that is demanded for absolutely terrible service.  It really seems like it has gotten worse. I can only imagine that some unenlightened money grubbers are sitting in a boardroom at CFF dreaming up ways to cut costs as 'les plèbes' using the trains have no other choice.  

04. Sep 2018 at 08:06
Es stinkt häufig in Langstreckenzügen. Häufig sind die Böden und Ablageflächen klebrig.
11. Jun 2018 at 18:37
Guten Abend

Ich würde es sehr begrüßen wenn in Zukunft wieder Ersatzzüge von Basel SBB nach Zürich HB gestellt werden könnten wenn der ICE 75 Verspätung hat. Innerhalb von einer Woche hatte der ICE schon zweimal fast 30 Min Verspätung!
10. Jun 2018 at 11:08
Very disappointed from the way some passenger behave (and the SBB does nothing).
It regular to see passenger put the feet, with their shoes on, on the seat opposite to them.

The absolute shame for SWISS Railways is the Lausanne - Payerne line where I have experienced many times passengers drunk, smoking tobacco AND / OR hashish, etc.

Don't I have the right to a clean and safe train ride at any train in Switzerland?
31. Aug 2016 at 15:59
Would be good if your staff would pay more attention to the toilets.
11. Jul 2017 at 14:03
I take the 8:20 train every morning from Lausanne to Fribourg. And in the last few days I am noticing that the 2nd class cars are not so clean. The floors are soiled, and seats dirty as well. In addition I observed that some cars have a distinctive smell of humid upholstery.
05. Sep 2016 at 21:01
I use to travel from Zürich Airport to St Gallen AB. Usually I do in First Class but the last week end ( Friday 2nd September), I took the train from Zürich Main station to Zürich Airport. I could not take the 1st class so I do in 2nd class. I found out that some people were putting the bare ( and dirty feet) over the seats. It was disgusting. I know these days are hot and people try to get comfortable but, maybe a little bit of kindness and consideration towards other passengers would be nice. I mean the train with departures 18.44 pm/ Friday 2nd September. Thank you very much for let me tell about it.
05. Sep 2016 at 21:07
It's awful and unhealthy to have to step off a train and walk through a fog of cigarette smoke everywhere on the stations, especially with children and asthma & allergies. When will Europe & Switzerland catch up with the health standards and allow smoker's allocated areas in closed off rooms with air con. Secondary smoke especially on children and elderly, should be on top of the list of other health issues. Toilets could be kept on a regular cleaning rota especially as one is paying chf1 to use. General cleanliness eg. alcohol/beer drinking on the train, smelly foods, dirty musty carpets in the train etc - maybe a look at how most countries run their train systems are required eg. Singapore, or any other country. Beautiful country views but cant be enjoyed if there's no aircon/fans/ventilation on the train and having to put up with smelly food, unwashed bins (empty beer cans inside) and musty carpets, whether on a short or a long journey. Lots of upkeep and updating still required, sad to see that Switzerland has a lot of years catching up still Smiley Sad
Great that the timings of the trains are on time though Smiley Wink a plus point there.....+
05. Sep 2016 at 22:44
Floor was sticky and general train appearance uninviting unlike previously.
06. Sep 2016 at 09:40
train cleanliness is fine but the stations are also part of the SBB infrastructure and the urine smell on the stairways and platforms at Yverdon is almost unbearable